Professional Tree Care Service

Why Hire an Arborist

Arborists are tree care professionals who can help with the selection, maintenance, care and removal of trees and shrubs in residential, commercial and public landscapes.

An arborist license, issued by the Department of Environmental Protection, is required to practice arboriculture for hire in The State of Connecticut. That license ensures that the arborist has shown a standard level of competency in current arboricultural practices and maintains that competency through continuing education.

By law, only licensed arborists may advertise, solicit, or contract:

  • pruning, trimming, bracing, cabling
  • treating the tree for insects or diseases
  • any other work done to improve the condition of the tree

In addition, arborists are trained in ANSI safety standards. Please be careful of many tree and landscape companies that claim to be “licensed.” They may have a “contractors license” but this does not allow them to practice arboriculture in Connecticut. If the contractor is not properly licensed and insured, you just might expose yourself to a lot of personal liability. For more information on tree care and why you should hire a licensed arborist, visit

Connecticut Tree Protective Association